inST'inKED - Live Tattoo Performance in Berlin

inST'inKED - Live Tattoo Performance in Berlin

[EN] When Ben decided to move to Berlin, he knew very little people in the city. His theatrical background (he comes from Avignon, a place known for its famous Festival d'Avignon) had nothing to do with running a business. His German wasn't perfect either. Nevertheless, he was so motivated to start working on his own, that quickly after his arrival, he found a place to open a bar, now called Le Velours Noir (fr. black velvet; the name itself refers to a theater or opera curtain). Althought, it was hard at the beginning, Ben says he lives a dream now. Errands keep him busy, but he doesn't stop just there. His bar is not merely a place to have a drink. Ben came up with a brilliant idea of a recurring event (once a month) called inST'inKED. What's that? That's live tattoo performance accompanied by live DJ set prepared specially for that occasion. The sound of a tattoo machine corresponds well with the music and inspires tattoo artists to improvise during their work. It's both pleasent to watch and enjoyable to listen. And you can get inked for about 40 eur! Not bad, isn't it? Ben himself has got five tattoos and his initial interest in that topic has very much to do with Leon Alchemink - a tattoo artist from Hong Kong, known for his unique style that altered Ben too. 
Go and check Le Velours Noir - an unusual place in the Körnerkiez :)

Le Velours Noir
Altenbraker Strasse 3
Neukölln, Berlin

- every last Thursday of the month
(next one on 26th of Feb. 2015)
- it's all sterile: all materials are single used and the whole process is assured by tattoo artists

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