Katarzyna Dolecinska for Berlin Graphic Days

Katarzyna Dolecinska for Berlin Graphic Days

My super-talented sister - Katarzyna Dolecińska - will take part in Berlin Graphic Days. For that event, she prepared special collection of T-shirts, bags, posters (A3 format), graphics (A4 format) and washable tattoos. Some posters you might already have seen on my blog - link.
BERLINSKO is now presenting her work (selected items). We had lots of fun while photoshooting for her provisional lookbook. Results at a glance :)
Additionally, our friend Małgorzata Salamon (see BERLINSKO wearing leggins by MS) will present there her new collection of designer clothes and brand new street wear clothing line (some pieces were made in cooperation with my sister). 
If you are interested in buying stuff from the collection, just e-mail BERLINSKO (price on request) or visit Berlin Graphic Days #2 that will take place in KaterHolzig (Michaelkirschstr. 23) next weekend - 23-24.08.2013.
Check Katarzyna's portfolio: 1 & 2.


Left - Tapir tote bag // Right - Moose tote bag
1 - Flamingo tote bag // 2 - Cassowary tote bag // 3 - Armadillo tote bag // 4 - Aardvark tote bag

Kasia in beetles T-shirt (m/w)
Konrad in armadillo T-shirt (m only)
Tobias in tapir T-shirt (m/w)
Marzena in flamingo T-shirt (m/w)

Moose T-shirts for women (for m black only)


Eagel-owl graphic (A4)
Beetles graphics (A4)
POSTERS - link

LYNX for Małgorzata Salamon

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