Berlin Graphic Days #2

Berlin Graphic Days #2

Berlin Graphic Days #2 in Kater Holzig were special, because as you already know my sister (Katarzyna Dolecińska - click the name to like her new fanpage) and a friend (Małgorzata Salamon) took part in it. Girls did a great job and people were really into their stuff. The only negative thing was that their stand was inside the club, and it would have been much better if it was outdoors. The weather was amazing and I got the feeling that some people didn't even want to go upstairs to see the rest of the fair. Anyways, it was fun and really busy :) 
The level of art works was different. Some works were pretty amazing, some were rather mediocre. We all were impressed by Ola Liola's colorful graphics. I fell in love with her pink frenchie but the rest of the animals was cool as well. Overall, it was good to be there and thanks all for coming! :)
*If you are interested in buying stuff from previous post, they are still on sale, so do not hesitate to contact me! I presonally bought their clothes and they are great! ;)

Gosia's blouses
Katarzyna Dolecińska & Małgorzata Salamon at Berlin Graphic Days #2

Ola Liola's works 
Girls with tattoos (*washable)
My own hoodie by Małgorzata Salamon 

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