DMY - International Design Festival Berlin 2013

DMY - International Design Festival Berlin 2013

[EN] DMY, June 5-9
This post will be in English only in order to write more and have a better reception. Also, because I got the accreditation for all festival's days and would like to thank for the chance to look closely at designers' works, especially those from Poland. 
As you can read on their website: 'DMY is an international design network for contemporary product design. At the yearly DMY International Design Festival Berlin both renowned and young, experimental designers launch new products, prototypes and foresighted projects.' This year's edition was located in historic city Airport Berlin Tempelhof. The festival was divided into:


Previously, the main focus was on the Nethelands and Finland, and this year all eyes were on Poland. And I think, Poland did well :) The exhibitions and showcases (by established design studios, schools, brands and more) were prepared in cooperation with Polish Institute Berlin. I read that it was the most comprehensive showcase of contemporary Polish design in Germany to date. Indeed, it was pretty impressive. Some of the works I already knew. Some of them were great discoveries. I really liked Monomoka's furniture, Trzymyszy's large toys made of cardboard, Tabanda's Diago project. I absolutely fell in love with Shinoi collection of lamps by Knockoutdesign (2nd picture in the collage below). As usually, I was interested to see Zamek Cieszyn's and Łódź Art Center's (>Must have from Poland<) exhibtions. The exhibitions and showcases were complemented by conceptual installations and a varied program of lectures, talks and live interviews. Overall, everything about Polish Design Focus was pretty positive :) and I am looking forward to see more in the future.


It was basically the presentation of all submitted works - they were shown at the central exhibition. The winner will get an official German Design Award, which is considered to be the most prestigious design award, initiated in 1969 by Federal Ministry of Economics and Technoloy. The award ceremony will take place on September 12, 2013 in Berlin. 


Not much to explain: the awards were to highlight the best works among all festival submissions, in the categories: Exhibitors (I really liked Hockermanufaktur Danie - Lamaria - cross stitch and patchworks stools), New Talents (I loved Hanna Emelie Ernsting's pet stools - pic below) and Education. 


All about design in different locations (museums, studios, institutions) in Berlin, for instance in Gestalten or in Institut für Produkt.


Lectures, panels and discussions about current trends and concepts. 

There were lots of people, food, music and most importantly... ideas. I was really surprised to see 3D printer (yes!). Somehow, it worked, but the process was really slow. It was designed by HAFNER’S BÜRO. The MakerBot 3D printer can turn all our ideas into objects – from manufacturing hobby models to professional design prototypes. All you need to do is design in on the computer and... print it! One word: WOW!
Overall, the festival was really cool and I can't wait to be there next year!

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