[PL] LMNZ to niemiecki raper, którego poznałam w Berlinie. Zapis rozmowy z nim prezentuję na blogu (w angielskiej wersji językowej). Sylwetkę artysty można lepiej poznać na jego stronie: LMNZ Worldwide rap. Od siebie dodam, że LMNZ jest bardzo otwarty, sympatyczny i wszechstronny. Oprócz muzyki, która zajmuje mu większość czasu, robi zdjęcia, montuje filmiki i podróżuje. Wkrótce ukaże się jego nowy album, tymczasem zapraszam do posłuchania 25 różnych piosenek w wykonaniu LMNZ:  Various Songs, released and unreleased by LMNZ.

[EN] Here is a short interview with LMNZ. He's going to release a new album pretty soon, meanwhile you can listen to his sounds: Various Songs, released and unreleased by LMNZ and check out his website to find out more about him and his projects: LMNZ Worldwide rap.

BERLINSKO: You seem to be into various things: music, editing, photography. What is your current project?

LMNZ: Hey there. Thank you for your interest sun.

I love art indeed. My first love is definitely music but I also enjoy expressing myself with the camera. Concerning music I compose, produce, write and rap and do the sound engineering.

I am doing various projects at the moment:

Mainly I am finishing my 2nd solo album "Anders als die Besseren". I am just waiting for 3 features and am reworking some of the lyrics i wrote and then it is done. Some of the content seems very complex and I am still thinking about whether I make it easier to digest or if I keep it like that to challenge the listener. I am still undecided. 
I just came back from a tour in Senegal which I did with Sister Fa. We are going to Guinea and Senegal again this year for more human rights touring. Also I'm trying to go to Paris and Barcelona with Gangway and we're talking to promoters in Austria for a tour together with my homey Simple One. Moreover I am in a crew called "Le Mélange" which combine multilingual rap, soul and all types of dancing styles. So it is all good :)

BERLINSKOWhen did you start doing music?
LMNZ: I was always doing some kind of music whether it was singing in a choir or trying to learn an instrument. I fell in love with HipHop when I was 13 and started making this kind of music 11-12 years ago. After I finished my Bachelor of Recording Arts in 2010 I became a fulltime freelance artist.

BERLINSKOHave you got any music gurus? If so, who?
LMNZ: I absorb everything like a sponge. If I am feeling it it will somehow leave a little mark and maybe find a way into my music. I do not have any special music gurus. Sometimes I feel like I should though :)

BERLINSKOWho was the greatest person you played with?
LMNZ: The greatest person...I guess you mean musicwise...Hmm...
I think everybody that I am working with influences me because I can learn a thing or two from everyone. HipHopwise I enjoyed opening for Africa Bambaataa and Masta Ace for example. I am of course proud to work with people that I grew up listening to or that I am a fan of like
Yarah Bravo, Sister Fa, Nosliw, Bajka, Loomis Green, Xuman, Keurgui Crew, The Narcicyst, Jim Dunloop, Charles Cooper, Akanni, Qwazaar, KC da Rookee and so on. But also I gotta say that it is always dope to create something together with my friends like my crew Le Mélange for example. I can't really just pick one person. There's way too many inspiring and great people out there. For her engagement in human rights I would definitely pick Sister Fa though. Much love to everybody I had the honor of working with so far. Thank you!

BERLINSKO: What would you like to achieve with your projects?
LMNZ: If I can survive of art that comes from within and inspire people to be positive I am a happy man. I always try to share knowledge that was helpful to me or that I think will have a positive effect on the lives of others.

BERLINSKO: Have you got any NY’s resolutions?

LMNZ: Just being myself and becoming a better man, overcome fears and live up to my full potential. I try to be there enough for my loved ones and friends...and I can't wait to hit the gym after my broken toe healed :)

Zobacz video LMNZ z Le Mélange: // Check out LMNZ video with Le Mélange:

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