Simon & Me

Simon & Me

[PL] Kolejna rozmowa i jej podsumowanie (patrz:ENG). Tym razem z Simonem - twórcą marki 'streetfashion & lifestyle' - Simon&Me

Simona odwiedziłam w jego sklepie, który mieści się w pięknej części Kreuzbergu pod tym adresem:
1710965 Berlin // Kreuzberg

Od Simona dostałam świetną koszulkę z najnowszej kolekcji ♥ 
Zaprojektowana w Amsterdamie, wykonana w Berlinie :)
Zdjęcie: Toujours et Partout  

Toujours et Partout

[EN]  Another interview and it's summary. This time with Simon - a creator of 'fresh streetfashion & lifestyle' brand - Simon&Me. We met in Simon's shop located in beautiful area of Kreuzberg. You can find the store here:

Fidicinstraße 17
10965 Berlin // Kreuzberg

Simon gave me a lovely T-shirt from his new collection ♥

Designed in Amsterdam, made in Berlin :) 
Photo: Toujours et Partout


I was surprised when he said he was only 22.
22? And so much achieved.

But not in Simon’s opinion.
Simon would like to be as famous as Justin Bieber!

Because then it would be easier for him to fight for a cause. 

Which is?
Environment and Global Warming.

* He doesn’t actually know yet how to become famous. I guess he would appreciate some tips. You can send them to him :)

How did he start?
He started the company as soon as he turned 18. The ideas were there long before getting officially mature. His first models of trucker hats (made in China) were his first mistakes, as he says.

Because he invested so much money in manufacturing them but they didn’t sell well. He still got some models (check photos).

What does the logo mean?
The logo represents a 'bleeding snowflake' (hint towards global warming). The logo was Simon’s idea, and I must admit it’s really cool. Simon did the first sketches, but it was his brother who helped him developing the concept.
Simon is really involved in environment issues. He even supported the international organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes –  the organization is called 1% for the Planet.  His new collection is made from environmentally friendly fabric.

How does Simon perceive his new collection?

It’s minimalistic. Not simple, but minimalistic. Toned down.  Predominantly with grey, black and white colors. 

What else did Simon tell me?
He studied Fashion Branding in Amsterdam but never finished the studies. Amsterdam was the first city he really liked. Now it’s Berlin, where he lives and runs his business.
Overall, Simon is a nice dude :)

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